February…the month of the lurgy!

February was a very slow month, for all the wrong reasons, and fabulously full of the lurgy on all sides, so I’ve not been able to shoot the planned portraits, so have re-scheduled for the next few weeks.  I did however have the privilege of shooting some new baby photos for a friend, so I may have found a new model or 2!

Today’s image, is of Alex, a teenager with a love of colourful socks, his mobile phone, and a fabulous piano player!Image


February is the new January…..

So, I’ve clearly not stuck to my new year’s resolution, so I’ve decided that they really should just start in February instead!  January was been a good month for general photography, but it wasn’t so easy to take any new portrait shots.  Hopefully now things are calming down a bit, I’ll be able to concentrate on getting some more done!

The week’s image is of Jason.  Despite being an extremely busy A&E consultant, and having 3 sons, he still has time for all sorts of outdoor pursuits, and his tri-athlete alter-ego is seen below….


Christmas farewells part 2….

As I write this, the subject of today’s post will be boarding a plane, that’s if the snow hasn’t affected Heathrow yet!  Ryan is my most gorgeous god-son, and the eldest child of Annabel, the subject of my last post. I hope he got to see at least some snow before he, and the rest of the family left the UK – seeing it in the snow dome in Dubai doesn’t count!!  I’m going to miss him (and his little sister) a huge amount, but am already looking forward to some quality time in the sun at Easter!  I’m hoping to be able to do some updated shots of him then, and at many other points in the future.  I am also going to post another photo of him – nothing to do with the project, but it is one of my (many) favourite photos of him!

This was taken at a local carnival late last year – it is a bit of a west country thing – lots of tractors pulling floats/carts covered with 1000’s of lights, loud music, brilliant costumes, all raising money for local charities.  It is something I grew up with, and I’d forgotten how impressive it was.  Ryan had fun anyway!


Below is the “official” blog image!


Christmas farewells part 1

As it was for most people, Christmas was a very busy affair, lots of visiting, lots of photos, and a few farewells.  One of my oldest and dearest friend’s, Annabel, relocated to the Middle East, soon to be followed by her husband and 2 small children (my 2 most gorgeous god children).  Luckily, I made full use of their modelling abilities in the weeks before their departure.  The image below, is of Annabel.  The image captures “her”.  Many words could be used to describe her, her life, and interests, but I will conclude with just a couple – fabulous nutter responsible for lots of my airmiles! Annabel

Back to business!

To say the last couple of weeks at work have been hectic is a total understatement, pretty much everything else has taken a back seat – hence me not posting any sooner!  At least I finish for Christmas very soon, which leaves me some time to get some more shots done!

The portrait I have decided to share this week is of Sarah. 

ImageSarah is a mum to 3 boys, a paediatrician at a busy hospital,  a dab hand at all things crafty, and just never seems to stop!  The bottom shot is one of the hardest I’ve tried to take, and started with 2 sons and her on the trampoline – unfortunately the youngest, being smaller, bounced out of almost all the shots!

Better late than never…

The lovely weather of late has played havoc with my planned photography, so this post is a little later than planned!  This week’s image is of my Dad, and I think those of you that you know him will find that this sums him up to a tee!  Even though you can’t see his face, there is no doubting who it is, and the colours in the photos make this one of my favourites so far.  I hope you like it!

Hello world!

Welcome to my first ever blog! It is something I never thought about doing, but I have been encouraged to start one as a result of a photography project I’ve recently started working on. I’ve been a keen photographer for many years, but earlier this year I signed up to my first course with David Rann (at Fotofilia), and the rest, as they say, is history – I’ve seen my photography change in many ways, from the technical way I set up and take the shot, to the way I view my images and the work of others.

So, why this blog? During our first week on my latest course, we were tasked with producing a short project, around one of several themes. One of these was “Me, Myself and I”. Not one for self portraits I almost immediately discounted it, but after some thought, I thought I would be able to use this for portraits of others. It didn’t take long before I decided to do a series of triptych portraits, and after playing around with some ideas, I came up with my final plan. The portraits were to be made up of 3 separate photos, with a “top”, “middle” and “bottom”, with each photo saying something about the subject – whether it be life, personality, or likes.

I decided that it was important that the subjects decided themselves what to include in their photos, and that I didn’t influence their decision. Whilst in some cases, I had ideas of what they would choose, in others it was a total surprise. Needless to say, I learnt a lot about them!
I’ve really enjoyed working on this project, and have decided to continue with this project, I hope it will continue long after my class has finished!! For now, I have included just 3 images, and hope to update this blog a couple of times a month with new images. Hope you enjoy them!